Eco-Skies partners

The way we do business isn’t the only way we strive to be a more sustainable airline. We also partner with our employees, customers, airports, suppliers and governmental organizations to protect the environment.

Our employees play an important role in making our environmental commitment a reality through the work they do every day. From our environmental affairs department to coordinators at airports, we have a comprehensive network dedicated to addressing environmental compliance and sustainability around the world.

Working with our communities

Clean the World

In 2016, United became the first airline to partner with Clean the World, an innovative organization that recycles partially used soap, shampoo and other hygiene products. Our employees collect unused amenity kits from United flights and donate them to be refurbished into new hygiene kits for those in need.

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Noise reduction

United works in partnership with the Federal Aviation Administration, international air navigation service providers and our airport partners to improve the noise levels around our airports. Our noise-reduction strategies include investing in newer, quieter and more fuel efficient aircraft and supporting the Next Generation Air Transport System (NextGen), which includes implementing quieter flight procedures.

Additionally, we are installing vortex generators on our Airbus A319/A320 fleet to reduce the unique whistling sound that occurs at slower speeds due to wing design.

Working with environmental organizations and innovators

Conservation International

Since 1998, we’ve worked with Conservation International as part of its Business & Sustainability Council, a community of companies committed to leveraging their business experiences and resources to protect nature for the benefit of humanity. There are two primary areas we work with Conservation International today:

Carbon offsets

In order to reduce the carbon footprint associated with air travel, we offer customers the opportunity to purchase carbon offsets from Conservation International. By investing in offsets, you help to protect forests from being cleared, while supporting critical habitats for threatened species and the communities that care for and depend on the forests.

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Combating illegal trade in wildlife

United works with Conservation International and the aviation industry to support enforcement agencies that combat the illegal wildlife trade.

Audubon International

In partnership with Audubon International and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, we launched the Raptor Relocation Program to protect kestrels, hawks, owls and other birds in and around New York-area airports and resettle them to more suitable habitats.

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Clean Energy Trust

Since 2012, we’ve partnered with Clean Energy Trust to award funds to businesses helping to advance energy efficiency and sustainability in aviation, as well as and ground transportation.

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GreenBiz Group

United is a member of the GreenBiz Executive Network, which fosters a learning environment for the world’s largest companies. Through this partnership, we’ve sponsored emerging leaders to attend GreenBiz and VERGE conferences to foster a welcoming environment where people of diverse backgrounds can work together and build a more sustainable world.

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Working with the industry

Airlines of America® - We connect the world
IATA - International Air Transport Association

We’re leading the way in creating a more sustainable airline industry by participating with Airlines for America (A4A) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to advance aviation-specific efforts on climate change.

Working with the government

United partners with municipal, state, federal and international governments to ensure aviation policies are sustainable from an economic, environmental and social perspective. Key initiatives, such as developing commercially successful sustainable aviation and modernizing air-traffic-control infrastructure, hinge on significant government investment.