Our environmental commitment

At United, our mission is connecting people and uniting the world. Every day, we celebrate the people and communities across our planet — which is why we understand the need for bold action now to combat climate change. United is committed to reducing our emissions, so that we can continue to appreciate the wonders of this world, today and into the future.

From our CEO

“We’re embracing a new goal to be 100% green by 2050 by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions 100%. And we’ll get there not with flashy, empty gestures, but by taking the harder, better path of actually reducing the emissions from flying. We (also) realize there’s a limit to what a single company can do alone. That’s why we are continuing to seek opportunities to collaborate with other industries. We must reach across industries to develop coordinated efforts to accomplish what must be our collective goal of carbon neutrality.”

— Scott Kirby, Chief Executive Officer


United wins Air Transport World’s (ATW) 2021 Eco-Airline of the Year award

"United is honored to be recognized for the industry-leading steps we have taken to decarbonize travel by ATW as its Eco-Airline of the Year. United has committed to purchase more sustainable aviation fuel than nearly the rest of the world’s airlines combined. We’ll need the world to come together to solve this global problem and that’s why we created the Eco-Skies Alliance to allow like-minded companies and individuals to help us invest in even more sustainable aviation fuel. These new ideas are a product of the innovative thinking that is at the core of United’s culture, and it’s never been more important or more timely for us to apply this expertise to help save our planet.” – Scott Kirby, Chief Executive Officer

Latest news: United Airlines to Lead Industry Switch to Sustainable Aviation Fuel with Global Corporations, Customers. Learn more

Going 100% green by 2050

We’re planning to become 100% green by reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050 without relying on traditional offsets. Making significant investments in sustainable aviation fuel and carbon capture and sequestration will help us get there.

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Sustainable fuel sources

Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is an alternative to fossil fuels, emitting up to 80% less carbon on a lifecycle basis. As the cleanest fuel substitute for traditional jet fuel, SAF is the fastest and most effective way to reduce GHG emissions across our fleet.

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Carbon capture and sequestration

Climate change calls for big solutions, so we’re making a multimillion-dollar investment in carbon capture and sequestration technology to reduce our net GHG emissions.

Explore the carbon capture and sequestration process

Innovation for the future

Our investment in Archer Aviation and its battery-powered aircraft is part of our commitment to identify and invest in innovative technology that can help reduce GHG emissions.

Learn about our investment in electric aircraft

Aircraft modernization and operational efficiency

We’re increasing fuel efficiency and reducing GHG emissions through technology and process innovation in the air and on the ground.

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Eco-Skies Alliance

The Eco-Skies Alliance is a first-of-its-kind program involving leading global corporations working with United to help power flying in a more sustainable way. Through this innovative program, our corporate customers have the opportunity to reduce their environmental impact and help make sustainable aviation the norm.

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Be part of the change

United believes in a future of sustainable aviation, and we want you to join us to help make our vision a reality.


Individual support opportunities

Contribute to sustainable aviation

You can support our mission by donating to the purchase and development of additional sustainable aviation fuel. United will use your donation to purchase additional SAF or to invest in promising SAF producers we believe can move us one step closer to flying sustainably.*

How does it work?

  1. We’ll collect your donation in a designated SAF account.
  2. At the end of the year, we’ll total the amount of donations, so be sure to check back to see how much we raised.
  3. United will use 100% of the donations for the future purchase of SAF and/or SAF-blended products, or to invest in SAF development.

Together, we can take real steps to accelerate sustainable aviation.

Contact your elected officials. Make your voice heard.

We need long-term, permanent solutions to decarbonize flying, which is why policies that help commercialize and scale SAF and other solutions that address the GHG emissions from flying are important. At United, we want to make it easy for you to ensure that your voice is heard. Reach out to your elected officials and urge them to support bold action on climate change.

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Corporate support opportunities

Join the Eco-Skies Alliance

The Eco-Skies Alliance program allows corporate customers the opportunity to pay the additional cost for sustainable aviation fuel. This contribution goes beyond traditional carbon offsets and will show there is demand for low emissions fuel solutions. Enroll your company today to participate in our alliance program and reduce your carbon emissions from your United flights.

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Our climate disclosure

Corporate Responsibility Report

To learn more about how we support the environment through our business practices, view our Corporate Responsibility Report.

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Carbon Disclosure Project

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) named United as the only airline globally to its 2020 Climate 'A List' for our actions to cut emissions, mitigate climate risks and develop the low-carbon economy. This marks the seventh consecutive year that United had the highest CDP score among U.S. airlines.CDP

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Eco-Skies Alliance and the Eco-Skies Alliance Logo are trademarks of United Airlines, Inc. related to its customer SAF purchase program.

*These donations are not tax deductible. United is unable to allocate emissions reductions to participants for their travel or provide documentation concerning the use of SAF on specific flights. Donations may be used to purchase SAF from entities in which United holds an equity or other financial interest. There is no assurance as to the timing of the use of donated funds to purchase SAF, SAF-blended products or on initiatives we believe will help decarbonize aviation. For example, purchases may be delayed, including because of unavailability of sufficient quantities of SAF or SAF-blended products, or the price of SAF or SAF-blended products. Donations are not a pre-purchase of air transportation and no travel credit will be provided, unless specifically agreed in writing by United. Donors retain no legal interest in the amounts donated, which amounts belong entirely to United, or in any investments, financings, or purchases made by United with donated funds. United retains the right to make decisions regarding the use of these funds on the purchase of SAF, SAF-blended products or on potential decarbonization initiatives in its sole and absolute discretion.