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Operations are at the heart of our airline. Our operations and operational support employees ensure that customers have a fantastic experience on board, while also ensuring that our aircraft are safe and reliable.

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Airport Operations

The Airport Operations department keeps operations at our airports running smoothly through planning, organization and supervision.

Flight Operations

Join the respected ranks of United pilots, and help us keep our aircraft safe, on-time and efficient.

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Food Services

The Food Services department develops, creates and provides the great dining experiences on board our aircraft.

Inflight Services

The Inflight Services department includes flight attendants and the teams that support them.

Flight attendants – See the world and interact with a diverse group of travelers and fellow employees. Flight attendants are crucial to the comfort, service and safety on our flights.

Network Operations

The Network Operations department helps us run a safe, reliable airline, and includes careers in aircraft routing and dispatching, crew scheduling, air traffic control and more.

Technical Operations

Technical Operations is the maintenance, repair and overhaul division of United. The department includes aircraft maintenance technicians, engineers, planners, ground equipment and facilities teams, supply chain teams and more.

United Cargo

Whether they're delivering suitcases, packages or mail, United Cargo transports goods safely and responsibly to their final destination.

United Express

United Express® is an important part of the United network, providing flights to smaller cities. This department ensures safe and profitable operations by selecting and managing airline partners and ground handlers.

Operations Support

Aviation Safety

Join this crucial department to keep our aircraft flying safely. Members of this department conduct flight safety investigations, educate pilots on potential safety threats and more.

Corporate Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance

Help ensure the quality of our flight operations. This can include auditing processes and procedures, implementing corrective action request programs, formal audit reporting and risk management support.

Corporate Safety/Medical

Our Corporate Safety division implements medical programs and workers compensation, helps employees dealing with lost time to injury, and more.

Corporate Security

Help uphold the standards required to run a safe and successful airline. This department includes global aviation compliance, corporate investigations and field investigations, and teams that deal with the security of our facilities, aircraft and employees worldwide.

Customer Contact Center

The Customer Contact Center is the go-to contact for customers who have questions about their travel, their MileagePlus accounts and more. This department also helps customers book and manage reservations.

Emergency Response

The Emergency Response teams develop, maintain and practice our emergency plans to ensure readiness in the face of any emergency event.

Fuel Technical Services

Our Fuel Technical Services department ensures that our aircraft are fueled and ready to fly by providing quality, on-specification jet fuel safely and dependably.

Ground Safety

Keep our co-workers safe by preventing injuries and aircraft damages. The Corporate Ground Safety department is made up of the Industrial Hygiene/Data and Program Integration teams.

Network Planning

Our many flights need to be planned to perfection. The Network Planning teams design our schedules and routes to connect travelers with their destinations.

Operations Analysis

The Operations Analysis department helps improve the performance of our operations by developing and implementing standards and goals.