United and Continental have a long history of memorable advertising campaigns. United's original "Come Fly the Friendly Skies" commercials that highlighted the modern age of air travel, and Continental's "We really move our tail for you" advertisements set the standard for airline advertising. Continuing to reach new heights, United's "It's Time to Fly" campaign, launched in 2004, masterfully illustrated the way United served the travel needs of that time and demonstrated great new offerings like Economy Plus® seating. Continental's "Work Hard. Fly Right." advertising, launched in 1998, demonstrated keen insights about business travel and spoke to customers in a witty and refreshing tone.

With the merger of United and Continental in 2010, the airline's advertising focused on speaking to customers about the new airline, highlighting the look and feel of the new United and delivering important information about the integration of the airline's operations.

Our iconic "Fly the Friendly Skies" tagline was reinvented in 2013 to reflect what's most important to our customers, as well as all that the word "friendly" encompasses in today’s technology-driven world. Learn more about the latest campaigns and company updates at