Accessible travel

United is pleased to provide transportation to customers who may need additional assistance. We maintain a strong relationship with multiple disability organizations throughout the country. We also have an Accessible Travel Advisory Board made up of individuals with various disabilities. The board meets regularly to discuss issues involving air travel and accessibility and offers suggestions and advice to improve our service. The group's mission is to make sure that United will continue to offer clean, safe, reliable and accessible transportation for all customers, including those with disabilities.

Senior travelers

Learn more about services available to seniors

At United, we want to make sure that our customers with disabilities have equal access to our facilities and services. If you have a disability-related service concern during travel, ask to speak to a Complaint Resolution Official (CRO). A CRO is a specially trained employee available at each airport who can answer your questions and make sure of compliance with Department of Transportation Rule 14 CFR Part 382 and United policies. If you have a disability-related question before your travel with United or after your travel is completed, you can contact United’s 24-hour Accessibility Desk at 1-800-228-2744 within the United States or Canada, or, from elsewhere, call your local United Customer Contact Center and ask for the Accessibility Desk.