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Have your bags delivered with Baggage Delivery provided by BagsVIP

United now offers Baggage Delivery for flights originating from any U.S. airport and arriving at select U.S. airports, so you can skip the wait at the baggage carousel and go straight from your arrival airport to your actual destination, whether it's a home, hotel or office. You will receive your baggage within four hours after your flight’s arrival if your destination​ is located within 40 miles of the airport. If your destination is located more than 40 miles from the airport, you'll receive your baggage within six hours after the arrival of your flight. Destinations more than 100 miles from the arrival airport are not eligible for this service.

Here's how it works:

  1. Once you’ve completed your flight reservation, make your Baggage Delivery reservation here.
  2. Check your bags at the airport and pay any associated checked baggage service charges. Your bag tags will be encoded with your Baggage Delivery information.
  3. BagsVIP will deliver your baggage to the designated location within four to six hours after the arrival of your flight, depending on the location’s distance from the airport. Please note that delivery to a business will require a signature.

For more information, please review the FAQs and Terms & Conditions, or call 1-877-847-0045.

Schedule your delivery

    • Baggage Delivery provided by BagsVIP is available exclusively on flights operated by United and United Express® that originate from any U.S. airport and arrive at select airports in the U.S., and the charge is per reservation, for up to eight bags.
    • Baggage Delivery charges are applied in addition to checked baggage service charges associated with United’s checked baggage policy.
    • Baggage Delivery is fully refundable for cancellations requested more than 24 hours in advance of the scheduled flight arrival. For cancellation requests placed within 24 hours of the scheduled flight arrival, a refund for the entirety of the original purchase will be processed, but a $15 USD fee will apply. In the event that the customer’s bags are delayed for any reason, a full refund will be processed.
    • United's baggage liability policy does not apply to baggage delivered through this service.
    • Baggage Delivery is offered by a third-party partner. When purchasing this service, you will be directed to BagsVIP's website.

    Full list of Terms & Conditions

  • Where is Baggage Delivery available?

    Baggage Delivery is available for flights served by United and United Express® that originate from any U.S. airport and arrive at select U.S. airports.

    How far in advance should I schedule a delivery?

    Your delivery must be scheduled at least one hour prior to your flight’s departure time.

    Will United's checked baggage service charges still apply if I use the Baggage Delivery service?

    Yes, checked baggage is still subject to applicable service charges. Checked baggage service charges should be paid at time of check-in.

    Do I need to be present at th​e time of delivery?

    If you waive the signature requirement when you place an order for luggage delivery to a residence or hotel, the BagsVIP drivers will schedule your bags for immediate delivery. If you do not waive the signature requirement, you will be contacted by a representative to schedule a time that is convenient for you to receive your luggage. Deliveries made to a business other than a hotel will require a signature in order to receive the luggage.

    Please be advised that for residential deliveries, we will not call or deliver luggage for flights landing after 11 p.m. We will resume contact and deliver your baggage by noon the following day. If your final destination is a hotel, the luggage will be left with the hotel concierge.

    What happens if my luggage is delayed and doesn’t arrive on the originally scheduled flight?

    In the event of a delayed baggage arrival, a representative will contact you to obtain the United bag tag information that you received when you checked your luggage. A claim will then be filed on your behalf, you will be contacted with the claim information, and a credit will be processed to the original form of payment.

    What if my travel plans change after I’ve made the reservation?

    You may cancel an order without penalty until 24 hours before of your flight’s scheduled arrival time. Cancellations made within 24 hours of scheduled arrival time are subject to a $15 USD cancellation fee.

    What if my flight is canceled or rerouted?

    If your flight is canceled or you are rerouted, please contact BagsVIP at 1-877-VIP-0045 (1-877-847-0045) to advise a representative of the changes.

    Will I earn award miles for Baggage Delivery purchases made with my United MileagePlus Explorer Card or United MileagePlus Club Card through

    Because the delivery service is provided through an external vendor, BagsVIP, you will earn award miles for your purchases at the regular mileage earning rate for the eligible card.

    Full list of FAQs​​​​

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