Preferred seating

Get a better economy seat.

What is preferred seating?

A preferred seat is a regular United Economy seat that’s closer to the front of the plane. This will put you in the first few rows behind Economy Plus. Extra legroom is not included.


Earlier onboard service

Get food and drinks sooner.

Faster exit

Get off the plane more quickly.

Earn points

MileagePlus members can earn Premier points for buying preferred seats. Learn more

Buying preferred seating

Anyone can buy preferred seating if they are taking a United or United Express flight. Prices vary based on the route.

You can buy preferred seating on or on our app. Choose a preferred seat on the seat map while buying your flight. If you already have your ticket, you can still choose preferred seats while managing your trip in My Trips.

MileagePlus members

MileagePlus members with Premier status can get preferred seating at no extra cost. Other members can earn Premier qualifying points (PQP) for buying preferred seating. Points are given after the trip.

Preferred seating FAQ