Special meals

If you have dietary restrictions, you may be able to enjoy a special meal on your flight.

Special meal service

Special meal service is available on most flights over 2,000 miles. If meal service is on your flight, you can request a special meal before and after booking. Not all special meal options are available for international long-haul flights.

Meal options

Below are all our options for special meals. Standard vegetarian options are available on all flights that have meal service, without request. Some meal choices may not be available in certain markets or on your flight.

Types of special meals

veganVeganGluten freeGluten freeKosherKosherAsian vegetarianAsian vegetarian
Gluten freeGluten free
Asian vegetarianAsian vegetarian

Child’s meal option

If you’re traveling with a minor, we offer kid-friendly options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We recommend parents still pack snacks just in case their child’s preferred meal isn’t available. More tips on traveling with children.

If you or someone you are traveling with has a food allergy, we recommend reading our policy for customers with food allergies.

Requesting a meal

Request a meal while booking or preorder a meal before your flight. You must order a special meal at least 24 hours before your flight. Preorder is only available on select flights.

Request using united.com:

Request using united.com:

  1. View your trip using your confirmation number and last name.
  2. Below the list of travelers, select “Special Meal.”
  3. Select a traveler and enter their meal preference, then select “Send request.”

Request using the United app:

Request using the United app:

  1. View your trip in the app
  2. Select “Edit traveler information.”
  3. Choose a meal option, then select “Save to reservation.”

Download the United app

Download the United app

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Special meals FAQ