Things to do in Philippines

Discover the Philippines with flights to Manila.

Visit Manila

  • Understand the culture and history of the country by visiting the National Museum of the Philippines. View one-of-a-kind artifacts including Neolithic burial jars, pottery from the Leta-Leta Cave and the Laguna Copper Plate. Discover art by Juan Luna and Guillermo Tolentino alongside paintings depicting the Basi Revolt.
  • Tour Fort Santiago, a 16th-century Spanish fortress. Stroll the outer walls beside the Pasig River, see munitions and bullet holes from World War II and learn about the life of Dr. Jose Rizal, a national hero.
  • Feed Humboldt penguins and manta rays at Manila Ocean Park. See sharks swimming overhead alongside over 14,000 marine creatures, watch jellyfish bobbing in their tank and attend a live show.