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Things to do in the Northern Mariana Islands

Discover the Northern Mariana Islands with flights to Saipan and Rota.

Visit Saipan

  • Explore American Memorial Park, a national park and World War II memorial. Learn about the Marianas Campaign, then relax on the beach or wander the protected wetland and mangrove forest.
  • Explore the Grotto, one of Saipan’s most popular dive sites. Swim from the underwater cavern into the open ocean and spot white-tipped reef sharks, bubble coral and green sea turtles.
  • Hike to the top of Forbidden Island, a secluded marine sanctuary known for its panoramic views. Hire a tour guide to investigate the hidden pools and caves.

Fly to Rota

  • Visit Chenchun Bird Sanctuary, a nesting ground for seabirds. Explore the lowland limestone dry forest and spot Mariana crows and Rota white-eyes.
  • See the megaliths at the As Nieves Latte Stone Quarry. Examine the shafts and capstones, learn how the locals quarried the 26-ton stone and hear theories about why the Chamorro abandoned the project.
  • Go fishing at Pona Point Fishing Cliff, also known as Punta Pona. Cast from the cliffs and reel in skipjack and yellowfin tuna without leaving dry land.

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