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Explore winter wonderlands

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checked baggage and other optional fees.
Ski slopes and snow covered delights await​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Skiing and Olympic winter sport venues only scratch the surface of activities that make top destinations worth exploring.​

From hot springs in Aspen to food festivals in Traverse City and Halifax, many winter wonderlands really heat up when the temperature drops.​

Whether it's fireworks in Beijing or a beer festival in Munich, United connects you with unforgettable winter experiences around the world.​

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Airfare to winter destinations​​

Aspen, Colorado

Chicago, IL, US (ORD - O'Hare)Aspen, CO, US (ASE)
Denver, CO, US (DEN)Aspen, CO, US (ASE)
Houston, TX, US (IAH - Intercontinental)Aspen, CO, US (ASE)
Los Angeles, CA, US (LAX)Aspen, CO, US (ASE)
New York/Newark, NJ, US (EWR - Liberty)Aspen, CO, US (ASE)
San Francisco, CA, US (SFO)Aspen, CO, US (ASE)
Washington, DC, US (IAD - Dulles)Aspen, CO, US (ASE)

Beijing, China

Chicago, IL, US (ORD - O'Hare)Beijing, CN (PEK - Capital)
Denver, CO, US (DEN)Beijing, CN (PEK - Capital)
Houston, TX, US (IAH - Intercontinental)Beijing, CN (PEK - Capital)
Los Angeles, CA, US (LAX)Beijing, CN (PEK - Capital)
New York/Newark, NJ, US (EWR - Liberty)Beijing, CN (PEK - Capital)
San Francisco, CA, US (SFO)Beijing, CN (PEK - Capital)
Washington, DC, US (IAD - Dulles)Beijing, CN (PEK - Capital)

Burlington, Vermont

Chicago, IL, US (ORD - O'Hare)
Denver, CO, US (DEN)
Houston, TX, US (IAH - Intercontinental)
Los Angeles, CA, US (LAX)
New York/Newark, NJ, US (EWR - Liberty)
San Francisco, CA, US (SFO)
Washington, DC, US (IAD - Dulles)

Calgary, Alberta

Chicago, IL, US (ORD - O'Hare)Calgary, AB, CA (YYC)
Denver, CO, US (DEN)Calgary, AB, CA (YYC)
Houston, TX, US (IAH - Intercontinental)Calgary, AB, CA (YYC)
Los Angeles, CA, US (LAX)Calgary, AB, CA (YYC)
New York/Newark, NJ, US (EWR - Liberty)Calgary, AB, CA (YYC)
San Francisco, CA, US (SFO)Calgary, AB, CA (YYC)
Washington, DC, US (IAD - Dulles)Calgary, AB, CA (YYC)

Copenhagen, Denmark

Chicago, IL, US (ORD - O'Hare)Copenhagen, DK (CPH)
Denver, CO, US (DEN)Copenhagen, DK (CPH)
Houston, TX, US (IAH - Intercontinental)Copenhagen, DK (CPH)
Los Angeles, CA, US (LAX)Copenhagen, DK (CPH)
New York/Newark, NJ, US (EWR - Liberty)Copenhagen, DK (CPH)
San Francisco, CA, US (SFO)Copenhagen, DK (CPH)
Washington, DC, US (IAD - Dulles)Copenhagen, DK (CPH)

Nova Scotia

Chicago, IL, US (ORD - O'Hare)Halifax, NS, CA (YHZ)
Denver, CO, US (DEN)Halifax, NS, CA (YHZ)
Houston, TX, US (IAH - Intercontinental)Halifax, NS, CA (YHZ)
Los Angeles, CA, US (LAX)Halifax, NS, CA (YHZ)
New York/Newark, NJ, US (EWR - Liberty)Halifax, NS, CA (YHZ)
San Francisco, CA, US (SFO)Halifax, NS, CA (YHZ)
Washington, DC, US (IAD - Dulles)Halifax, NS, CA (YHZ)

Munich, Germany

Chicago, IL, US (ORD - O'Hare)Munich, DE (MUC)
Denver, CO, US (DEN)Munich, DE (MUC)
Houston, TX, US (IAH - Intercontinental)Munich, DE (MUC)
Los Angeles, CA, US (LAX)Munich, DE (MUC)
New York/Newark, NJ, US (EWR - Liberty)Munich, DE (MUC)
San Francisco, CA, US (SFO)Munich, DE (MUC)
Washington, DC, US (IAD - Dulles)Munich, DE (MUC)

Prague, Czech Republic

Chicago, IL, US (ORD - O'Hare)Prague, CZ (PRG)
Denver, CO, US (DEN)Prague, CZ (PRG)
Houston, TX, US (IAH - Intercontinental)Prague, CZ (PRG)
Los Angeles, CA, US (LAX)Prague, CZ (PRG)
New York/Newark, NJ, US (EWR - Liberty)Prague, CZ (PRG)
San Francisco, CA, US (SFO)Prague, CZ (PRG)
Washington, DC, US (IAD - Dulles)Prague, CZ (PRG)

Traverse City, Michigan

Chicago, IL, US (ORD - O'Hare)Traverse City, MI, US (TVC)
Indianapolis, IN, US (IND)Traverse City, MI, US (TVC)
New York/Newark, NJ, US (EWR - Liberty)Traverse City, MI, US (TVC)
Washington, DC, US (IAD - Dulles)Traverse City, MI, US (TVC)

Zurich, Switzerland

Chicago, IL, US (ORD - O'Hare)Zurich, CH (ZRH)
Denver, CO, US (DEN)Zurich, CH (ZRH)
Houston, TX, US (IAH - Intercontinental)Zurich, CH (ZRH)
Los Angeles, CA, US (LAX)Zurich, CH (ZRH)
New York/Newark, NJ, US (EWR - Liberty)Zurich, CH (ZRH)
San Francisco, CA, US (SFO)Zurich, CH (ZRH)
Washington, DC, US (IAD - Dulles)Zurich, CH (ZRH)

Taxes and fees

Fares are subject to availability and may change without notice. Fares may not be available on all days or on all flights. Fares listed are per person and include government taxes and fees. Some restrictions may apply. Fares do not include applicable charges for baggage or optional services.

A fee will be charged for tickets issued by United. Service charges for ticketing with a United representative in the 50 United States and Canada are $25 by phone, $30 at a City Ticket Office and $50 in person at the airport. Ticketing charges may vary outside of the U. S. and Canada and based on MileagePlus status level. Ticketing service charges are nonrefundable. To avoid ticketing service charges, book and purchase your tickets on