Europe Sale

Europe Sale

3-day sale: Take your dreams to new heights

Chicago, IL (ORD - O'Hare)Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS)$874
Chicago, IL (ORD - O'Hare)Brussels, Belgium (BRU)$874
Chicago, IL (ORD - O'Hare)Paris, France (CDG)$893
Chicago, IL (ORD - O'Hare)Munich, Germany (MUC)$911
Chicago, IL (ORD - O'Hare)Frankfurt, Germany (FRA)$929
Chicago, IL (ORD - O'Hare)London, England (LHR - Heathrow)$941
Houston, TX (IAH - Intercontinental)Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS)$864
Houston, TX (IAH - Intercontinental)Munich, Germany (MUC)$910
Houston, TX (IAH - Intercontinental)Frankfurt, Germany (FRA)$928
Houston, TX (IAH - Intercontinental)London, England (LHR - Heathrow)$939
Houston, TX (IAH - Intercontinental)Lagos, Nigeria (LOS)$1056
Los Angeles, CA (LAX)London, England (LHR - Heathrow)$920
New York/Newark, NJ (EWR - Liberty)Oslo, Norway (OSL)$467
New York/Newark, NJ (EWR - Liberty)Stockholm, Sweden (ARN - Arlanda)$494
New York/Newark, NJ (EWR - Liberty)Dublin, Ireland (DUB)$584
New York/Newark, NJ (EWR - Liberty)Shannon, Ireland (SNN)$589
New York/Newark, NJ (EWR - Liberty)Geneva, Switzerland (GVA)$753
New York/Newark, NJ (EWR - Liberty)Barcelona, Spain (BCN)$754
New York/Newark, NJ (EWR - Liberty)Madrid, Spain (MAD)$762
New York/Newark, NJ (EWR - Liberty)Brussels, Belgium (BRU)$764
New York/Newark, NJ (EWR - Liberty)Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS)$766
New York/Newark, NJ (EWR - Liberty)Zurich, Switzerland (ZRH)$766
New York/Newark, NJ (EWR - Liberty)Lisbon, Portugal (LIS)$780
New York/Newark, NJ (EWR - Liberty)Paris, France (CDG)$793
New York/Newark, NJ (EWR - Liberty)Manchester, England (MAN)$794
New York/Newark, NJ (EWR - Liberty)Edinburgh, Scotland (EDI)$796
New York/Newark, NJ (EWR - Liberty)Glasgow, Scotland (GLA)$796
New York/Newark, NJ (EWR - Liberty)Munich, Germany (MUC)$811
New York/Newark, NJ (EWR - Liberty)Birmingham, England (BHX)$813
New York/Newark, NJ (EWR - Liberty)Hamburg, Germany (HAM)$815
New York/Newark, NJ (EWR - Liberty)Berlin, Germany (TXL - Tegel)$825
New York/Newark, NJ (EWR - Liberty)Frankfurt, Germany (FRA)$829
New York/Newark, NJ (EWR - Liberty)London, England (LHR - Heathrow)$841
New York/Newark, NJ (EWR - Liberty)Tel Aviv, Israel (TLV)$976
San Francisco, CA (SFO)Paris, France (CDG)$943
San Francisco, CA (SFO)Frankfurt, Germany (FRA)$979
San Francisco, CA (SFO)London, England (LHR - Heathrow)$991
Washington, DC (IAD - Dulles)Dublin, Ireland (DUB)$728
Washington, DC (IAD - Dulles)Geneva, Switzerland (GVA)$813
Washington, DC (IAD - Dulles)Brussels, Belgium (BRU)$814
Washington, DC (IAD - Dulles)Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS)$816
Washington, DC (IAD - Dulles)Zurich, Switzerland (ZRH)$816
Washington, DC (IAD - Dulles)Dubai, United Arab Emirates (DXB)$841
Washington, DC (IAD - Dulles)Paris, France (CDG)$843
Washington, DC (IAD - Dulles)Manchester, England (MAN)$859
Washington, DC (IAD - Dulles)Munich, Germany (MUC)$861
Washington, DC (IAD - Dulles)Frankfurt, Germany (FRA)$879
Washington, DC (IAD - Dulles)London, England (LHR - Heathrow)$891
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Terms & Conditions 
Tickets: Tickets must be purchased at least 7 days prior to departure, but no later than January 7, 2015.
Travel Period: Travel may begin on or after January 12, 2015 through March 12, 2015, or April 20, 2015 through May 14, 2015. Travel must be completed by June 11, 2015.
Eligible Carriers: Fares are valid in the Economy (Coach) cabin on United and certain codeshare operated flights only.
Minimum Stay: A Sunday-night minimum stay is required.
Maximum Stay: Up to 3-months maximum stay is allowed.
Miscellaneous: Fares, fees, rules, and offers are subject to change without notice. Other restrictions may apply.
Taxes and fees

Fares are subject to availability and may change without notice. Fares may not be available on all days or on all flights. Fares listed are per person and include government taxes and fees. Some restrictions may apply. Fares do not include applicable charges for baggage or optional services.

A $50 fee will be charged for paper tickets issued by United. Service charges for ticketing with a United representative in the 50 United States and Canada are $25 by phone, $30 at a City Ticket Office and $35 in person at the airport. Ticketing charges may vary outside of the U. S. and Canada and based on MileagePlus status level. Ticketing service charges are nonrefundable. To avoid ticketing service charges, book and purchase your tickets on