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Revision to fuel surcharges

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in Japan has approved revisions to the fuel surcharges for tickets issued on or after April 1, 2015.

To view detailed information regarding the fuel surcharges for tickets issued on or before March 31, 2015, see Fuel Surcharges On Tickets Issued Prior To Most Recent Update page.

Surcharge on tickets issued on or after April 1, 2015

(Japanese yen)
From — To One way Roundtrip
Japan — U.S. (except Hawaii) ¥10,500 ¥21,000
Japan — Central & South America ¥10,500 ¥21,000
Japan — Honolulu ¥6,000 ¥12,000
Japan — Singapore ¥4,500 ¥9,000
Japan — Guam, Palau, Rota, Saipan ¥3,000 ¥6,000
Japan — Manila, other Micronesia routes ¥4,500 ¥9,000
Japan — Cairns ¥10,500 ¥21,000
Japan — Seoul ¥500 ¥1,000
Applicable from (date) Tickets issued on or after April 1, 2015
Conditions for revision/elimination of surcharges For flights between Japan and Guam, Seoul, Singapore or the U.S., fuel surcharges are reviewed every two months depending on Singapore kerosene prices. If the most recent two-month average of Singapore kerosene prices when converted to Japanese yen is less than ¥6,000, we will remove fuel surcharges on applicable tickets.
Terms of application The same fuel surcharge applies to tickets issued to adults, children and infants with seats. Fuel surcharges do not apply to tickets issued for infants traveling on adults’ laps.
Applicable fares All fares for travel originating in Japan, including package tour and group tickets

Please note that fuel surcharges will also be applied to unscheduled and charter flights, and surcharges are subject to change after a minimum notification period.

For additional information regarding fuel surcharges, please contact the United Customer Contact Center in Japan.