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Million Miler program

Million Miler program

The MileagePlus® Million Miler program rewards members for extraordinary, long-term loyalty to United and Copa.* Million Milers enjoy generous annual benefits and lifetime Premier® status.

Lifetime flight miles

Starting January 1, 2012, flight miles on United and Copa* accrue toward Million Miler status.

Because the 2011 MileagePlus and OnePass programs tracked lifetime activity differently, we re-calculated lifetime miles for 2011 MileagePlus members and then combined all members′ lifetime balances in both programs. This combined balance is your starting 2012 MileagePlus lifetime miles balance, which we then carried forward into the 2012 Million Miler program. The 2012 starting balance incorporates all lifetime elite qualifying activity earned in either OnePass or MileagePlus through December 31, 2011.

Lifetime Premier Status

The Million Miler program grants lifetime Premier status to all qualifying members, even if they fly less in the future. Here are the status benefits of the Million Miler program:

Lifetime flight miles Status award Annual Status for spouse/
significant other
One million Premier Gold
Two million Premier Platinum
Three million Premier 1K®
Four million Global ServicesSM

Annual Companion Premier status

As a Million Miler you may invite your spouse or significant other to share your current Premier status. This membership is non-transferable and will automatically renew each year unless you let us know otherwise.

To select or review your companion or to change your companion for the next calendar year, visit united.com/MMcompanion.

See companion Premier terms and conditions at the bottom of this page for more details.


How far back does the lifetime flight mile calculation go?
The lifetime flight mile calculation includes all elite qualifying activity earned since the introduction of the MileagePlus and OnePass programs. Additionally, for those who were members of the original Continental Airlines TravelBank Frequent Flyer program (from the 1980s) and/or the Eastern Airlines Frequent Flyer Bonus program, we have also included the mileage balance from these accounts based on the date they were merged into the OnePass program.
If I am a Million Miler, will I receive anything in the mail?
Yes. If you are a Million Miler you will receive a membership card with your Premier status and Million Miler designation, as well as a personalized luggage tag.
If I am a Million Miler, when can I call to enroll my spouse or significant other to have my same Premier status?
If your lifetime flight mile balance is one million miles or more, you are considered a Million Miler and may select your companion at united.com/MMcompanion. You can do this even if you have not yet received anything in the mail from us.
Will my companion's Premier status be exactly the same as mine?
Can I change the designation of my companion Premier status?
Yes, but any changes you make will not take effect until the following calendar year (during the first week of January).
When I reach the next Million Miler level (e.g., two million lifetime flight miles), do I get to designate an additional Premier companion?
No, we only allow one Premier companion per Million Miler, regardless of the level reached.
Will Premier qualifying miles (PQM) count toward Million Miler qualification?
No. As of January 1, 2012, only flight miles on United or Copa will count toward Million Miler qualification. However, a member’s starting balance on January 1 does include all Premier qualifying activity – including bonuses and partner activity – earned in the MileagePlus and OnePass programs through December 31, 2011. Please note that effective July 1, 2015, only flights operated by United will count toward your lifetime miles balance, as Copa Airlines will launch its own loyalty program in July 2015. Learn more>
Where can I see my lifetime flight miles?
Your lifetime flight miles balance is viewable on the My Account section of united.com, after you log in with your MileagePlus account number and password or PIN.

Terms and conditions for MileagePlus Million Miler companion benefit

All 2013 members who have one million lifetime flight miles and beyond earn annual status benefits for themselves, as well as the option to extend their current Premier status to a companion (defined as a spouse, significant other or individual who resides at the same home address, based on MileagePlus profile information) on an annual basis. Companion benefits are available on an annual, not lifetime, basis. Companion benefits expire upon the death of the Million Miler or failure of the companion to meet the eligibility requirements set forth below, including, but not limited to, divorce or separation.

Million Miler eligibility:

  1. If your lifetime flight mile balance is one million miles or more, you are considered a Million Miler and may designate your companion even if you have not yet received any notification from MileagePlus.
  2. You may designate one (1) companion to receive the same Premier level as you currently hold, regardless of whether you have one million lifetime flight miles or more than one million lifetime flight miles.
  3. If you earn a higher Premier level during the program year, your companion will also receive that higher status level. However, if your companion earns a higher Premier level, your account status will not change.

Companion eligibility:

  1. A companion is defined as a spouse, significant other or individual who resides at same home address, based on MileagePlus profile information.
  2. Your companion must be an enrolled member of the MileagePlus program under their own name and may not already be the companion of another Million Miler.
  3. The companion benefit is awarded on an annual basis and is non-transferable.
  4. Your companion will be sent his or her own individual Premier credentials and does not need to be traveling with you to receive the benefits of the Premier level awarded.
  5. Your designated companion will automatically renew each year unless you let us know otherwise by November 30 of the current year.
  6. You may change the companion on your account; however the change will not be in effect until January 1 of the following year. All change requests must be made by November 30 (for changes to existing companion nominations) or December 30 (for first-time nominations) to be effective for the following year. MileagePlus will not be able to accept changes to existing companion nominations during the month of December.

*Some MileagePlus benefits on Copa Airlines flights will change on July 1, 2015, as Copa Airlines will launch its own loyalty program in July 2015. Learn more>

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