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Flight standby list FAQs

How do I know if I'm on the standby list?

For your privacy, we only display a portion of your name on the list. Specifically, the first three letters of your last name and your first initial will be displayed. For example, if your name is Mary Sample, your name will be shown as "SAM, M." on the list.

How are standby customers prioritized?

Customers standing by are ranked by MileagePlus Premier® status. Specifically, United Global ServicesSM members will have the highest priority, followed by Premier 1K®, Premier Platinum, Premier Gold, Premier Silver members and then all remaining customers.
If there are multiple customers with the same Premier status, the fare class originally purchased will be used to determine priority. In the event there are multiple customers with the same Premier status and fare class, the time that the customer was added to the standby list will be the determining factor.

Why does this list keep changing?

The standby list will continually be updated and prioritized as customers check in and request to be added to the list.

Who is included on the standby list?

Some of the most common types of standby customers are:

  • Involuntary standby customers – Customers who missed their original flight due to an inconvenience caused by United.
  • Voluntary standby customers – Customers on eligible fares who are standing by at their own discretion.
  • Pass riders – United employees or their eligible dependents standing by on a space-available basis. Pass riders are prioritized last, and are only assigned seats after all other standby customers are accommodated.

If I don't see my name on the list, how can I be added?

Eligible customers can add themselves to the standby list at an airport kiosk by selecting "View Flight Options" when reviewing their itinerary or by contacting a United airport representative.
If you've requested to be added to the standby list, but do not see your name on the list, please check with a United airport representative. This issue can only be resolved at the airport.

What if I'm standing by for an upgrade?

If you're eligible for a United Global FirstSM, United First®, United BusinessFirst® or United Business® upgrade, you may initially be assigned a seat in United Economy®. In this instance, you will automatically be added to the upgrade standby list at a relative priority to other customers standing by for an upgrade.