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Please ensure that your name, address and telephone number appear on the inside, as well as on the outside, of all checked baggage.

Check-in is available starting 24 hours before your scheduled departure. Required timing for check-in, baggage check and boarding may vary based on your departure airport and destination. See our Check-in and Airport Processing Times page for details.

If the above time limitations are not met, United can refuse to check baggage without a signed release of liability from the passenger.

Baggage will be checked to a customer's final destination or to a permissible stopover for the fare paid. Customers making connections which involve an overnight stay must claim baggage at the intermediate point and re-check baggage for the connecting flight on the following day.

Customers traveling to the U.S., China (except Beijing) and India, who are connecting to a domestic flight within any of those countries or to another international destination, must claim their luggage upon their arrival to the first port of entry and re-check it with the connecting airline.